Boteboards US Scam

Boteboards US Scam Us Scam : We’ve all heard the term “BOTEboards”, but what’s This shopping site purports to sell BOTE brand products, but it is likely a scam. This article will explain the scam’s genesis, as well as how you can avoid becoming a victim. is a shopping site that looks very similar to ROC SUP Co. is a shopping store that purports to sell BOTE brand items is a shopping website that purports to sell items under the BOTE brand. However, this website does not offer a refund policy or a return policy. Customers should be cautious about this store because it may not be trustworthy. If the product does not match its description, do not buy it. The product description is also unreliable.

Domain extension (TLD) is related to commonly abused TLDs

Threat actors are increasingly using domains to lure users into phishing scams. PhishLabs’ recent report reveals that nearly half of all phishing attacks on enterprises use either ccTLDs or Legacy gTLDs. Thankfully, this type of abuse has been curbed by many recent changes. For instance, PhishLabs has significantly improved its detection and mitigation capabilities for free domain registration misuse.

Many top level domains are commonly abused, and registrars aren’t doing enough to protect their users. Some registrars sell bulk domains to spammers and malware operators. While many of these registrars are able to detect spam and malware, others don’t. The overall problem is exacerbated when large TLDs have a large percentage of bad domains. Consequently, these TLDs need to take additional steps to prevent abuse.

Website looks almost identical to ROC SUP Co.

The US Scam website is almost identical to the ROC SUP Co. website. There’s an alert posted on the website asking customers to flag the fake ads on social media and report their purchases through payment providers to get a chargeback. The fake website also looks just like the real ROC SUP Co. website, which is why customers can easily be fooled into thinking it’s real.

The ROC SUP Co. paddleboard is priced at around $600. However, this scam is selling the popular equipment at almost half of that price. While the real ROC SUP Co. paddleboards cost upwards of $600, the fake site offers its products for as little as $90. A keen online shopper recently saw an ad on Facebook that claimed 80% off, but he checked the website closely to be sure that it was genuine. The URL is the same, and the company has thousands of positive reviews.

Question and Answer Regarding Boteboards Reviews

Q1 – Is Boteboards really legit?

Ans- Boteboards is not trusted in some cases, according to many sources.

Q2 – Can we believe on Boteboards?

Ans – It lacks trust, social media presence, and customer feedback so you can’t.


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