Is Eterneva a Scam?

Is Eterneva a Scam?

Is Eterneva Scam : If you’re asking yourself the question, “Is Eterneva a scam?,” you have a number of options. In this article, we will discuss some of the common criticisms of cremation diamond products, the pricing of Eterneva diamonds, and the scientific validity of the process. And we’ll touch on the pricing of similar synthetic diamond products on the market. So, is Eterneva a scam?

Critics of the cremation diamond industry

The cremation diamond industry began in 2002 after scientists perfected the process for growing diamond crystals in a laboratory. By duplicating the conditions found deep inside the earth, the process allows the growth of diamonds. Diamonds are the purest form of carbon, and they are the hardest substance known to mankind. Since then, the cremation diamond industry has exploded, spanning the world. Companies like LifeGem and Cremation Solutions have emerged as the leaders in this niche.

Some critics argue that the cremation diamond industry is exploiting the bereaved by selling them diamonds that are a material reminder of a loved one’s life. But some say that the diamond is more than just a reminder of death. This stone is a meaningful representation of the deceased, and their spirit can be incorporated into many aspects of daily life. The diamonds are also palatable, making them convenient for the bereaved.

Pricing of Eterneva diamonds

If you’ve searched the internet, you’ve probably seen a lot of hyped up conspiracy theories about Eterneva. While it is true that Eterneva is a company that makes diamond jewelry from cremation ashes, the fact is that the diamonds they sell are not truly cremation diamonds. In fact, Dallas billionaire Mark Cuban has denied the existence of cremation diamonds, and gemologist Grant Mobley has proven that they are fake. Regardless of whether Eterneva is a scam or not, these diamonds have an amazing sentimental value.

The pricing of Eterneva diamonds is a major concern, but not all experts are convinced of the company’s claims. One reputable gemologist, Grant Mobley, told the Los Angeles Times that Eterneva isn’t being upfront about its pricing. However, he said that the company’s video of diamonds being tested in the laboratory was not genuine. That doesn’t mean that the company isn’t trying to earn money, but that it isn’t being entirely truthful.

Scientific validity of the process

The Eterneva process is the creation of diamonds from cremated remains. The process costs $2,999 for a single diamond and takes approximately seven to nine months to complete. In addition, ashes are not entirely carbon. As a result, carbon in the cremated remains must be separated from other elements. The carbon content of ashes can range anywhere from 0.5 to 4%. However, the carbon content of ashes is not enough to create a diamond. The process requires a large amount of time and must be completed with the aid of a diamond-making machine.

The scientific validity of the Eterneva process is determined by analyzing the cremated remains and the hair for the presence of carbon. These samples are then sent to B&B Laboratories for analysis. The company then uses the results to create a memorial diamond. This diamond can be used as a symbol of your loved one’s life and memory. By doing this, the company has a clearer understanding of what it takes to create a memorial diamond.

Pricing of other synthetic diamonds on the market

While it’s hard to argue with natural diamonds, lab-grown gems remain more expensive than their mined counterparts. In fact, laboratory-grown diamonds are more affordable today because of improvements in their manufacturing processes and continued innovation. Because of this, the retail price of a one-carat lab-grown diamond is currently less than half that of the equivalent-carat mined diamond. This difference, however, will likely increase as the technology continues to improve.

Natural diamond prices are based on a universally accepted method. This system determines retail and wholesale prices using the four C’s of diamonds: Carat, Clarity, and Color. Since each of these elements has a different value, prices will vary considerably from one producer to another. However, lab-grown diamonds usually have fewer imperfections than natural diamonds, making them less expensive than natural diamonds.

Question and Answer Regarding Eterneva Reviews

Q1 – Is Eterneva really legit?

Ans- Eterneva is not trusted in some cases, according to many sources.

Q2 – Can we believe on Eterneva?

Ans – It lacks trust, social media presence, and customer feedback so you can’t.


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