Sofausshop com Reviews – Is It A Scam or legit?

Sofausshop com Reviews – Is It A Scam or legit?

The age of is five days old. It was created on 18 May 2022. Its global Alexa rank is ‘0’, and its trust score is 27%. If you’re looking to purchase furniture from this site, you’ll want to make sure it’s not scam. To make sure, read on for the details. If you’re unsure about its legitimacy, don’t wait to buy anything until you read the reviews.

Site’s global rank is ‘0’ on the Alexa rank

The Alexa ranking is based on a proprietary methodology that combines estimated daily unique visitors and pageviews over the past three months. It uses this information to determine a website’s position in relation to others. It is based on data collected from millions of websites on the Internet. Users can access their ranking by installing an Alexa toolbar from the Alexa website. A site with a global rank of ‘0’ will likely have very little traffic.

Alexa does not rank subdomains separately from domains, although it makes an exception for popular websites such as WordPress. While Alexa claims to filter out spam and non-human traffic, this does not make it possible to draw reliable conclusions from the differences in traffic. This is why sites with global ranks of ‘0’ are rarely listed. If you want to know how many visitors a site receives, it is important to understand the different methods Alexa uses.

Site’s trust score is only 27%

The website has a low trust score. It is only five days old. Designers launched it on May 18 2022. Icons on the homepage and in the footer do not open accounts, reviews, or social media links. It has a 0 Alexa rank, which means it is not popular. The website claims that it offers 80% off on all its products, but the discount isn’t true.

Although has a low trust score, the website does offer 80% off most items. Such an amazing discount is unheard of, but it is not possible for reputable companies to offer such a discount.’s trust score is only 27% because social media icons are not functional, the company’s address is not accurate, and there is duplicate content.

Site’s social media links

If your brand has a social media presence, adding your site’s social media links is a smart move. By adding social sharing buttons to your website, you can easily increase the k-factor of your content and make the sharing process more convenient for your visitors. Additionally, these social buttons can be displayed on a floating bar, making them visible even when your visitor scrolls down the page. But what about your other social media icons?

You may have noticed social media icons on many business websites. These icons link to your company’s presence on Facebook and Twitter. People are interested in interacting with websites, and having these social icons on your website is a good way to accomplish that. Depending on how you view your website, it can play two important roles: it can be an information “silo” that only serves to provide information, or it can be the hub of your online presence.

Site’s telephone number

Many users have mixed feelings about giving a website their telephone number. The majority of users don’t intuitively understand why these sites need it. Instead, they assume they’re being asked for marketing purposes or other unrelated purpose, which results in hesitation and eventual abandonment of the site. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this user-agent conflict. Read on to find out more about the importance of the telephone number for websites.

It’s easy to make a phone number clickable. Many business websites feature their phone number on their homepage. In the olden days, users would simply note it. However, now most users access websites from the same device, making it crucial to add a call link to the website’s HTML phone number. While not as convenient as adding a call link to each individual page, this is a convenient method. With a call link, the website’s phone number can be clickable right on the page.

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Trust Score 27 %
Age 18/05/2022
Social Media Appreance N/A
Alexa Rank N/A
Category Home decor
Return policy 14 working days.
Contact Number Details N/A
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