Wildenstein Estate Reviews

Wildenstein Estate Reviews

Wildenstein Estate Reviews: For years, the Wildenstein Estate has been the subject of reports of shootings that have taken place on the property. While James Stein Jr and Charlise Mutten slammed the estate’s owners, it was the shootings that terrified their founders. Often, he would be gardening quietly, when a gunshot would sound. As the years went on, he was left pondering whether the birds that flocked to his gardens were in danger.

James Stein Jr

The lavish and historic Wildenstein Estate has been the scene of many celebrities‘ weddings and events. The estate was once owned by antiques dealer James Stein Sr. However, in the wake of Charlise’s alleged murder, James Stein Jr. has taken the family business to a whole new level. The estate boasts beautiful park-like gardens, grand and intimate spaces, and a backdrop of massive trees and sweeping views.

Though the Stein family was known for its impeccable reputation, some of their neighbors are suspicious of the Wildenstein family. While the Steins are a well-known couple, their dispute was not limited to the Wildenstein Estate. The Daily Mail Australia reported that Power bought more than 200 items from the store in just three years, including a collection of champagne flutes and a painting of the couple. James Stein Sr. and the Haitzler family had a long history of feuding with each other. In fact, Power bought so many items from the Wildenstein Estate that she told her husband she was taking a calligraphy course.

Charlise Mutten

The slaying of 9-year-old Charlise Mutton at the lavish estate of Justin Stein and his family has become a mystery. The child was found shot to death in a barrel near the Colo River, and Stein was later arrested for her murder. The crime scene was investigated and the police arrested Stein, who was the stepfather of Charlise’s mother. The slaying has since been solved, but not the reasons why the girl was murdered.

Stein’s father, James, is a former steel worker, and is the stepfather of Charlise. His family bought the estate in 1989, and he splits his time between his inner-west residence and the venue. The family has also registered a company, Magix Steel and Timber, and he calls himself ‘Magic Man’ online. The slaying has caused many to question the sham of Stein’s family.

Tax evasion

In 2011 the French government adopted a new tax law allowing the tax authorities greater powers to investigate trusts registered in tax havens. In this case, French authorities found that the Wildensteins had failed to disclose certain French trusts and thus evaded taxation. Nevertheless, the Wildenstein family’s tax evasion was not widespread, and the court did not condemn the estate’s owners for it. However, the prosecution and treasury maintained that the Wildensteins intended to conceal their assets.

The French tax authorities had been chasing the Wildenstein family for years because they had been suspected of evading taxes on hundreds of millions of euros in assets, including racehorses, real estate, and art. Despite the efforts of the French tax authorities, the case has not resulted in a guilty verdict or any proof of tax fraud. In the meantime, Guy Wildenstein’s lawyer is hopeful that the retrial will help him obtain another acquittal.

Legal troubles

French authorities have ordered a retrial in the fiscal fraud case against the Wildenstein family. The two brothers, Alec and Guy, were acquitted of all charges last year, but the prosecution is still demanding that they pay up to EUR250 million in unpaid taxes. Prosecutors say that the brothers hid millions of dollars of art in complex trusts and abruptly relocated them to Switzerland.

The property is now being listed for $100 million, but the sale may fall through before it closes. The Wildenstein family is known for their business, including their collection of Picassos. However, their legal troubles have pushed them into the spotlight recently, and they have been facing lawsuits and controversies in the past. However, the property is now close to selling for $19 million less than the original asking price, and that would still make it a record for New York City real estate.


The Reputation of Wildenstein Estate is well-deserved. This historic estate is a former antiques dealer. The son of James Stein Sr., a successful interior designer and event planner, turned the property into a popular wedding venue after his own wedding in 2015. After his own celebration, celebrities started asking about the Wildenstein for their own special events. The venue is known for its grand and intimate spaces, as well as the magnificent views and trees that surround it.

The Reputation of Wildenstein Estate is based on many factors. The property is beautiful, but it has been the scene of frantic police searches. Moreover, the estate has hosted many celebrity weddings. In the past five years, it has been one of the leading wedding locations in Australia. A member-only story is available in this regard. A member-only site is available to get the story behind the Wildenstein Estate.


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